Your first set of golf clubs

Keeping the cost down

It's a mistake to think you have to rush out and buy an expensive set of clubs before you have even begun to play golf. Clubs are the most costly elements of the equipment that you'll need, and they can be very expensive indeed. But bear in mind that every individual has his or her own physique, style and preferences, and it may take a while to find out which kind of clubs suits you best. A golf pro could well be your most helpful guide. 

You can hire clubs when you first start. You can also buy excellent clubs second-hand, perhaps from the golf shop of the golf club where you are learning. Meanwhile, have a look at prices in the specialist online golf shops on the Internet to see what's available, and to get an idea of values in general; but the advantage of buying from a bricks-and-mortar shop, is that you can actually get the feel of individual clubs and may well be able to try them out before you buy them. You may also find bargains at general second-hand stores, or car boot sales.

How many?

The maximum number of clubs you can carry, according to the rules, is 14; but to begin with you'll only need a 'half-set', which consists of seven or eight clubs. This might include five irons (e.g. Nos 3, 5, 7, 9 and a sand wedge), two woods (Nos 3 and 5) and a putter — but each player may wish to vary this selection according to his/her game.

What kind?

The higher the number of the club, the higher the 'loft' — the angle at which the clubhead is set. The lower the number, the lower and further you will (in principle) hit the ball. Woods are the bulbous-headed clubs that are used for hitting long distances; the heads used to be made of wood, but these days are made of lightweight metal, such as titanium. Putters are used only on (or around) the greens, for getting the ball in the hole; they come in many shapes and sizes.

Cheap balls

Try to find a source of cheap golf balls: you are going to lose plenty. Some golf shops sell bags of found 'lake balls' which are quite good enough; if you have spent pence rather than pounds on each golf ball, losing them isn't quite so painful, and hence you will waste less time searching in vain for them.

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Caleb jones 15 April, 2010

I have just started playing golf and i am just wondering what is the best sort of ball to play with and what are the vital clubs i need to have in my set?

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