Get into the swing

If you fancy that you might enjoy golf, give it a go. Borrow some clubs off a friend and try having a swing. See whether the movement feels comfortable.

Note that you can play right-handed or left-handed, but each requires a quite different set of clubs.

Try hitting a ball. It's easiest to start with high-numbered clubs called irons, such as a No.7 or No.8: these are clubs with wedge-shaped metal heads set at a steep angle away from vertical, which send the ball high, but for a short distance. You can practise hitting within the confines of a smallish garden if you use lightweight practice golf balls made of plastic or foam.

Or you can go to a driving range, which is special commercial enterprise where golfers go to practise hitting proper golf balls off a teeing ground. Get in touch with the driving range first, tell the staff that you're a complete beginner, and they'll probably be able to fit you up with clubs and balls, and give you some professional advice to get you started. There's no need to feel embarrassed about your lack of any previous experience: everyone has to start somewhere, and golf is always keen to make new converts.

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