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Golf is a notoriously frustrating game. Do not assume that all that green space and fresh air will make you feel relaxed and at peace with the world. You will begin each round full of high hopes, only to return crushed by your utter failure to match your own expectations.

If you manage to do a few good shots and start to think that your game is really improving, beware! You are probably about to slice the ball into thick woodland; and the next shot will go into the lake.

The best approach is to enjoy the game for the challenges it sets you, and acknowledge that you are not perfect, and never will be. Even the very best golfers suffer endless disappointment.

But when you hit that beautiful, sweet shot straight up the fairway, just where you intended, cherish it and store it in your memory. That's the joy of golf that will bring you back for more.

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Rob Miller 14 July, 2010

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