How to start playing golf

You can start playing golf at any age.

Of course, it helps to start young, as with all sports. But as long as your limbs are reasonably flexible, and you have an open mind, golf could be the game for you. And, unlike many other sports, it does not demand high levels of stamina and muscular power. Rather, it's a game that involves plenty of walking in the open air, and demands grace and precision rather than great strength — a probably a good sense of humour to cope with its frustrations!

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nanibabu magar 5 January, 2010

I am learning golf and I just wanted to be a social golfer and I am planning to buy another complete set of golf so, that will last for long I am not intend to buy any more. I am looking for golf set which can easily hit the ball and can swing. I am 5 fit 3 inches tall. Which club and make do you prefer me to buy. I am now 36 handicape less chance to improve. I do not have too much to play.

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